In our podcast episode of Show, Don’t Tell  Wes shared a recent conversation he had with a doctor. This doctor is a long-time customer who owns a Gold EyeRes System. He was calling because he thought he needed a new cable…and asked if we could help him.

There’s something important you need to know. He has owned – and used – this system since
2004. That’s right, this is a 17-year-old imaging system he has been using in his practice. On
the one hand, it proves that our imaging systems are built to last, but on the other hand, the
core of the system is computer hardware and software. Being outdated means he is exposing
his business to risks. These risks include non-compliance with HIPAA laws, but more
importantly is the risk that the image doesn’t reveal all of the issues patients really have with
their vision.

In 2004, the Gold EyeRes System was good technology for that time, but like all computer-
based systems, it eventually became much slower and more expensive to maintain: upgrades to
the operating system; security patches and network compatibility; and mechanical hard drive

17 years of patching and “getting by” can be quite expensive, and that doesn’t address the
updates in camera technology. Today’s Platinum camera is a 10-fold increase in color and
spatial resolution. The Diamond camera adds another 3.3-fold increase over the Platinum
camera in spatial resolution. You’re getting 33 times better color and spatial resolution when you
go from Gold to Diamond.

This is a big deal. Going from Gold to Platinum is like going from a 13″ black and white
television my grandparents had to a 27″ color TV. Jumping to Diamond is like getting a flat
screen HD display.

It’s understandable that this doctor was focused on replacing the cable. He’s being frugal –
careful about the expenses his practice has to absorb – and that’s commendable. When old
stuff is repairable, you save the cost of investing in new technology. The problem is that we can
be too frugal, can’t we? The costs of not investing include regulatory noncompliance, IT
security holes, and negative first impressions from new patients. Raise your hand if you have a
17-year-old computer & monitor in any patient-facing area of your practice!

In this case, the doctor realized that replacing his 17-year-old system with a 2021 Platinum
EyeRes System was a good long-term investment that would bring lower operating costs and
higher positive experiences and outcomes for his patients. He also opted for a gently-used
camera instead of a new one, so he could still act frugally in a smart way!

Being small business owners, we understand the need to manage expenses, but we also know
when outdated technology should be replaced. With over 50 years of experience capturing
images and videos through microscopes, we created complete digital imaging systems to offer
efficient and effective patient care.

Patients love seeing the reasons for their vision problems. Do you show them the best view?