TelScreen’s fresh, new Gold slit lamp camera features a single CMOS chip that delivers 33 million sensors per square inch. As part of a turnkey imaging system that includes camera, optics, computer, professional database software, power backup and local data backup, it produces eye-catching resolution at an eye-popping price.

We challenged our engineers to design on a budget, and this is the result. The new Gold imaging system borrows the “hidden behind the monitor” micro computer from the Diamond system, for a near-zero footprint. Yes, it fits TelScreen’s slit lamp, but it also fits almost every slit lamp with a barrel magnification changer, so you don’t need to buy a new slit lamp.

  • 1-chip CMOS camera with 33 million sensors per square inch

  • Captures Still Images or Video at 27 digital images per second

“Can’t Imagine being in practice without the EyeRes System!”
– Edward Harmer, O.D., Carteret, NJ

It’s convenient to have a camera in every exam room.  With a price tag under $10k, and quantity discounts available, now it’s feasible to equip them all, so you never have to practice without one.

We come to you to set-up your new system and train you on its use.

All EyeRes Systems come with 12-month warranties for parts, labor, and support needed to leverage it for the growth of your practice.

Gold System Specifications

  • 1-chip camera with 33 million sensors per square inch
  • Monitor with CPU mount behind it
  • Low-Profile CPU with integrated WiFi and SSD
  • Custom optics are available to fit most slit lamps
  • Captures Still Images or Video at 27 digital images per second
  • Triple articulated arm provides best ergonomics
  • Battery backup with surge and noise suppression
  • Input Voltage: 96 ‐ 140 Vac, 50/60 Hz (+‐ 3 Hz)
  • 12-Month Remote Technical Support
  • 12-Month Coding & Billing Support so you get paid appropriately
  • 12-Month Parts & Labor Warranty
  • External drive for data backup
  • Automatic system shutdown after power failure

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