Gold System

Our most affordable straight-forward EyeRes System.  A complete imaging system with a camera, optics, computer, professional database software, power backup and local data backup.  This system is designed to produce audit-quality images of non-transparent structures such as lids, lashes, iris, conjunctiva, etc.

This camera is great for lids & lashes, lumps and bumps.  It’s adequate for neovascularization, but for transparent structures or posterior conditions consider the Platinum or Diamond Systems.

  • 13.7 million sensors per square inch
  • 50dB Signal-to-Noise ratio

Can’t Imagine being in practice without the EyeRes System!

Edward Harmer, O.D., Carteret, NJ

The Gold EyeRes System gets you started with digital imaging for patient eye care to allow then to see why you recommend contact for themselves.

We come to you to set-up your new system and train you on its use.

All EyeRes Systems come with 12-month warranties for parts, labor, and support needed to leverage it for the growth of your practice.

Gold System Specifications

  • 1-chip camera with 14 million pixels per square inch
  • Captures Still Images or Video at 30 digital images per second
  • Custom optics are available to fit most slit lamps
  • Onsite training on principles of slit lamp photography
  • High Performance Computer & dedicated imaging hardware
  • LCD monitor and articulated arm for best ergonomics
  • Battery backup with surge and noise suppression
  • Automatic system shutdown after power failure
  • External drive for data backup
  • 12-Month Parts Warranty
  • 12-Month Labor Warranty
  • 12-Month Coding & Billing Support so you get paid appropriately
  • 12-Month Remote Technical Support

Seeing is Believing

Let us help you show your patients what you see in them.  Contact us today.