(Louisville, KY) – TelScreen has made another leap in photo-documentation and patient education.  Introducing the EyeRes™ Diamond System, providing slit-lamp imaging that is closer to human eye resolution while making efficient use of the doctor’s time with the patient.

For years, the EyeRes™ Platinum System has been the best slit-lamp digital imaging system in the exam room, with nearly 42 million pixels per square inch.  The peak color resolution of the human eye is over 153 million pixels per square inch.  TelScreen’s product name of “EyeRes” defines their mission – to develop systems that match the resolution of the human eye.  The pandemic gave the team an opportunity to innovate, programming a new camera that has 137 million pixels per square inch, more than 3.3x the resolution of the Platinum system, and within 11% of matching the human eye.

In addition to amazing pixel quality, the new Diamond System creates a more efficient process.  All the doctor has to do is tap a foot pedal and perform a normal slit-lamp exam.  

“If you have a product that’s too cumbersome to use, the practice loses money. Our product development efforts are sharply focused on the best use of the doctor’s time – when doctors type, everyone loses,” explains Wes Harris, Vice President.

To learn more about the new Diamond System or the latest happenings with TelScreen, visit them at Optometry’s Meeting, June 24-26 in Denver, go to www.TelScreen.com, follow on Facebook, email info@TelScreen.com, or call (502) 515-1806.

Formed as a division of Micro-Med, Inc., TelScreen’s customer-focused team of engineers and scientists has been providing digital imaging systems for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists since 1993. Serving eye care practices and colleges across the United States, The TelScreen team is available for consultations by calling 502-515-1806 or emailing: info@TelScreen.com.  Learn more about TelScreen at www.TelScreen.com or follow us on Facebook.